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Items can often have a stat "on Hit" that is applied every time you hit with that skill. The "on Hits" come in two flavors a "static" value and a percentage. Because the speeds and number of enemies hit with each skill are different, Blizzard implemented a modifier to balance out the skills. Proc % applies to all "on Hits"

The existing "on Hits" are:

  • Bleed (%)
  • Blind (%)
  • Chill (%)
  • Fear (%)
  • Freeze (%)
  • Immobilize (%)
  • Knockback (%)
  • Life (static)
  • Mana (static)
  • Slow (%)
  • Stun (%)

Chart is scaling percentage.

Unless noted the percentage applies to all runes. If any rune changes the percentage another entry will be added below the primary entry with the rune name.

Unless noted all AoE effects are per mob hit.

Singe Target effects are static, however testing shows AoE to have some variation, unknown as to why, so scales are based on the approx. average value.

Before adding your numbers, please site the source on the discussion page or write down your numbers as you achieved them to compare with the existing sample.

Barbarian Skill Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Hammer of Thunder with Rolling Thunder DOES NOT Proc

Skill Proc % Notes
Bash 100%
Bash with Onslaught 33%/33%/33%
Bash with Pulverize 33% AoE
Cleave 80% AoE Capped at hitting 3 enemies?
Cleave with Rupture, Reaping & Scattering 67% AoE Capped at hitting 3 enemies?
Cleave with Broad Sweep & Gathering Storm 50% AoE Capped at hitting 3 enemies?
Frenzy 75%
Hammer of the Ancients 67% AoE
Hammer of the Ancients with Smash 80% AoE
Rend 33% AoE
Rend with Ravage 25% AoE
Rend with Bloodbath 33% AoE + Proc 33% Bleed proc reproc's
Seismic Slam 33% AoE
Seismic Slam with Shattered Ground 33% AoE
Seismic Slam with Cracking Rift 50% AoE
Whirlwind 13% AoE
Ground Stomp 25% AoE
Ground Stomp with Trembling 20% AoE
Leap 33% AoE Only procs on landing hit.
Leap with Toppling Impact & Arreat 20% AoE Only procs on landing hit.
Sprint ONLY with Run like the Wind 20%
Ignore Pain ONLY with Bravado 50% AoE
Ancient Spear
Furious Charge
Weapon Throw

Demon Hunter Skill Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Companion and Sentry DO NOT Proc.

Skill Proc % Notes
Hungering Arrow 65% Pierced shots proc again.
Hungering Arrow with Puncturing Arrow 55%
Hungering Arrow with Scatter Shot 21%
Hungering Arrow with Spray of Teeth 40%
Entangling Shot 80%
Entangling Shot with Chain Gang 20%
Entangling Shot with Shock Collar 160% Appears that Shot AND the Shock both proc
Bola Shot 50% AoE On explosion.
Bola Shot with Volatile Explosives 25% AoE On explosion.
Bola Shot with Acid Strike 20%
Grenades 50% AoE Each Grenade has separate proc
Rapid Fire 100% per tick Static per tick does not follow number of hits.
Rapid Fire with Fire Support 100% per tick + FS hits: 35-45% See Rapid Fire above. However FS shots appear to be per hit, not tick.
Elemental Arrow 50%
Elemental Arrow with Ball Lightning 25%
Elemental Arrow with Frost Arrow 25%
Elemental Arrow with Nether Tentacles 70%
Caltrops ONLY with Jagged Spikes 60% AoE per tick multiple Caltrops each give full heal even if placed on top of one another
Smoke Screen ONLY with Choking Gas
Vault ONLY with Action Shot 33%
Vault ONLY with Trail of Cinders
Evasive Fire with Surge 100%
Fan of Knives
Spike Trap
Strafe 62.5% Very, very sporadic proc percentage (25%-150%)
Multishot with Fire At Will 8%
Cluster Arrow
Rain of Vengeance

Monk Skill Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Sweeping Wind, Cyclone Strike, Mantra of Retribution and the runes that add damage to Mantra of Evasion and Mantra of Conviction all DO NOT Proc.

Skill Proc % Notes
Fists of Thunder 100%/100%/75% Static Charge appears to proc twice.
Fists of Thunder with Thunder Clap 75/75%/75%
Deadly Reach 85%/85%/75%
Deadly Reach with Piercing Trident 85%/75%/50%
Deadly Reach with Scattered Blows 85%/75%/35%
Crippling Wave 75%/75%/50%
Crippling Wave with Tsunami 75%/75%/50%
WotHF 75%/9%/50%
Lashing Tail Kick No rune & Scorpion Sting 66%
Lashing Tail Kick Vulture, Sweeping & Spinning 50%
Lashing Tail Kick Hand of Ytar 80%
Tempest Rush 25%
Wave of Light 11%
Wave of Light with Explosive Light 25%
Wave of Light with Pillar of the Ancients 20%
Dashing Strike 100%
Exploding Palm 100% Explosions give more health, but testing was inconsistent.
Seven Sided Strike 17.4% per hit Each hit procs 3 heals.
Seven Sided Strike with Several Sided Strike 8.7% per hit Each hit procs 3 heals.
Seven Sided Strike with Fulminating Onslaught 11.5% per hit Each hit procs 3 heals.

Wizard Skill Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Skill Proc % Notes
Spectral Blade 60% AoE per cast, not per hit
Spectral Blade with Deep Cuts 100% AoE per cast, not per hit
Magic Missile 100%

Witch Doctor Skill Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Skill Proc % Notes