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Call of the Ancients is a Rage Barbarian skill unlocked at Level 25. The Barbarian summons three ancient protectors to fight for him.


Call of the Ancients in action.

The Barbarian's ancestors aid him by rejoining the battlefield.



You can see images of all three of the Ancients by clicking the following links. They are not embedded in the page yet since many fans consider higher level skill visuals to be a spoiler. Click at your own risk.

Skill Rune Effects[edit]

The following is a very quick summary. See the Call of the Ancients rune effects page for a more thorough description of rune effects, or any of the individual rune pages for numbers, screenshots, blue quotes, and much more.

Name Level Description
Call of the Ancients

1 Cooldown: 120 seconds

Summon the ancient Barbarians Talic, Korlic, and Madawc to fight alongside you for 20 seconds. Each deals 270% weapon damage per swing in addition to bonus abilities.

Talic wields a sword and shield and uses Whirlwind and Leap.
Korlic wields a massive polearm and uses Cleave and Furious Charge.
Madawc dual-wields axes and uses Weapon Throw and Seismic Slam.

The Council Rises
1 The Ancients deal 540% weapon damage as Fire with each attack.
Duty to the Clan
1 Enemies hit by the Ancients are Chilled for 2 seconds and have 10% increased chance to be Critically Hit.

The Ancients' damage turns into Cold.

Ancients' Blessing
1 Each point of Fury you spend heals you and your Ancients for 965.5578 Life.
Ancients' Fury
1 Gain 4 Fury every time an Ancient deals damage.
Together as One
1 50% of all damage dealt to you is instead divided evenly between the Ancients.

The Ancients' damage turns into Lightning.

Skill Design[edit]

This skill summons the three ancestors that the player was charged with fighting in act five of Lord of Destruction: Talic, Korlic and Madawc. They deal a percentage of the weapon damage that the Barbarian is capable of inflicting, presumably increasing with level.


The following Barbarian passive provides a benefit to Call of the Ancients, runed or not:


Call of the Ancients debuted at BlizzCon 2010, although it wasn't seen in anything other than the skill pool. Bashiok made a quick comment on the skill[1]:

It's a top tier skill, so you can't buy it until somewhere around the end of Normal or maybe beginning of Nightmare. They're fairly short lived, at least at their base skill. I will admit it's pretty nutty, especially when it's planned that each of them (probably through runes) will use various barbarian skills themselves. But, I do think the flavor and vibe works. The barbarian calling upon the spiritual protector's of his homeland and people which now lay, along with the majority of barbarian society, in the afterlife, if not simply ash at the bottom of a fiery chasm. It makes good sense that they would be easily summoned to assist in redemption, honor, what have you, of the barbarian people.

Skill tiers were removed for the July 2011 Press Event, allowing skills to unlock steadily from levels 1 to 30. Consequently, all skill levels were adjusted and Call of the Ancients became a level 27 skill.


The Diablo III Beta started in September 2011, and while it ran, all of the skills continued to undergo extensive iteration. Skill changes varied from changing the levels the skills are unlocked, to changes in resource cost, damage, and even function. A few skills were removed altogether, and a few new ones were added. Also, the entire skill system received an overhaul with the Beta Patch 13 update in February 2012, with physical runes replaced by rune effects that automatically unlock at various levels for the different skills.

Call of the Ancients was moved to level 25 for the beta. With the Patch 13 changes, it was classified as a Rage skill (but stayed at level 25).

In Other Games[edit]

Talic, Korlic and Madawc were previously seen in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. They weren't allies, however; the player had to fight them to gain access to the Ancient's Way.


Call of the Ancients can be seen in action on video here:

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You can find pictures in the Diablo III screenshot and picture gallery:


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