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Wall of Zombies in action.

Wall of Zombies is a Decay Witch Doctor skill unlocked at level 28. One of the more creative skills in Diablo III, WoZ causes a tightly-spaced line of zombies to erupt from the ground, blocking the progress of monsters and tearing apart any monsters that come into their reach.

This skill has some very creative rune effects which entirely change the form and function of the spell.


The Witch Doctor calls upon the undead to prevent the enemy from reaching him.

Skill Rune Effects[edit]

Refer to the Wall of Zombies rune effects article for a thorough description of all five rune effects, including screenshots, videos, and strategy tips.

Name Level Description
Wall of Zombies

Physical realm spell
1 Cooldown: 8 seconds

Raise a line of zombies 28 yards wide from the ground that attacks nearby enemies for 200% weapon damage as Physical over 4 seconds.

1 Increase the width of the Wall of Zombies.
Unrelenting Grip
1 Your Wall of Zombies will Slow the movement of enemies by 60% for 5 seconds. Changes the damage done to Cold.
1 Up to 3 zombies will emerge from the ground and attack nearby enemies for 25% of your weapon damage as Physical per attack.
Wrecking Crew
1 The line of zombies taunt enemies to attack them.
Offensive Line
1 Knock all enemies behind the wall.

Skill Design[edit]

Zombie wall killing Skeletons.

This skill was an immediate fan favorite and one of the best of the Witch Doctor's signature skills as it was original, creative, effective, and very illustrative of the class.

As there is no player collision at all in Diablo III, this skill does not block[1] the Witch Doctor or other players or their minions or pets from moving right through it. This prevents using the skill for griefing, but seems a little lacking in realism, to many players.


The following Witch Doctor passives provide a benefit to Wall of Zombies, runed or not:

Name Level Description
Pierce the Veil

1 All of your damage is increased by 20%, but your Mana costs are increased by 30%.
Fetish Sycophants

1 When you hit enemies with your spells, you have up to a 15% chance to summon a dagger-wielding Fetish to fight by your side for 60 seconds.


Wall of Zombies was first introduced in the WWI 2008 gameplay video when Diablo III premiered. Back then, it was in the Voodoo Skill Tree, then moved to the Zombie Skill Tree. When skill trees were removed for the game, it became a Tier 5 skill.


Skill tiers were removed shortly before the beta started in September 2011, and Wall of Zombies became a level 27 skill. The skill system was once again overhauled for the Beta Patch 13 in February 2012, and Wall of Zombies was classified as a Decay skill and moved to level 28. After being nerfed a tiny bit for Beta Patch 14, it had its mana cost increased for Beta Patch 15.

Wall of Zombies has, throughout development, been too high-level to play, so there are no gameplay reports describing it.

Previous Versions[edit]

See the Witch Doctor skill archive for more details on previous versions of Wall of Zombies and other Witch Doctor skills.


Wall of Zombies can be seen in action on video here:

You can find pictures in the Diablo III screenshot and picture gallery:


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