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Hungering Arrow is a Primary Demon Hunter skill unlocked at Level 1. It fires a guided arrow with bonus damage and a chance to pierce the target.

Hungering Arrow in action.

Skill Rune Effects[edit]

The following is a very quick summary. See the Hungering Arrow rune effects page for a more thorough description of rune effects, or any of the individual rune pages for numbers, screenshots, blue quotes, and much more.

Name Level Description
Hungering Arrow

Bow skill
1 Generate: 4 Hatred

Fire a magically imbued arrow that seeks out enemies for 155% weapon damage and has a 35% chance to pierce through them.

Puncturing Arrow
1 Increase the chance for the arrow to pierce to 50%.
Serrated Arrow
1 Increase Hatred generated to 7.

Hungering Arrow's damage turns into Fire.

Shatter Shot
1 If the arrow successfully pierces the first enemy, the arrow splits into 3 arrows.

Hungering Arrow's damage turns into Lightning.

Devouring Arrow
1 Each consecutive pierce increases the damage of the arrow by 70%.

Hungering Arrow's damage turns into Cold.

Spray of Teeth
1 Critical Hits cause a burst of bone to explode from the enemy, dealing 60% weapon damage to enemies within 10 yards.


Skill Design[edit]

An arrow skill that does bonus damage and has a seeking property, much like the Amazon's Guided Arrow from Diablo II.


The following Demon Hunter passives provide a benefit to Hungering Arrow, runed or not:

Name Level Description
Thrill of the Hunt

1 Enemies hit by your Hatred spenders are Slowed by 80% for 2 seconds.


Hungering Arrow was first seen at the July 2011 Press Event as a level 1 skill.


When the beta started in September 2011, Hungering Arrow was at level 2. The skill system was once again overhauled for the Beta Patch 13, and Hungering Arrow was classified as a Primary skill and moved back to level 1.

In Other Games[edit]

Hungering Arrow is an updated version of Diablo II's Amazon skill Guided Arrow.


Hungering Arrow can be seen in action on video here:

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You can find pictures in the Diablo III screenshot and picture gallery:


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