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Fetish Ambush is a rune effect in Fetish Army, a pet-summoning Support Witch Doctor skill.

This rune effect retains the base skill function, while supplementing it with a blast of damage at the time of summoning, that deals 250% weapon damage to all nearby enemies.

Skill Rune Effects[edit]

Refer to the Fetish Army rune effects article for thorough descriptions of all five skill rune effects in this skill, including screenshots, videos, and strategy tips.

Name Level Description
Fetish Army

1 Cooldown: 120 seconds

Summon an army of 5 dagger-wielding Fetishes to fight by your side for 20 seconds. The Fetishes attack for 180% of your weapon damage as Physical.

Fetish Ambush
1 Each Fetish deals 680% weapon damage as Cold to any nearby enemy as it is summoned.


Screenshots and movies will be added post-release.


Prior to the skill revision in February 2012, this rune effect was enabled by the Crimson Rune, granting the following effect with a level 7 runestone:

Fetish Ambush


Each Fetish deals 205% weapon damage as Physical to any enemy near it as they appear.

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