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Thunderclap is a rune effect in the Monk Skill Fists of Thunder.

Thunderclap is enabled at level 6, the lowest level of any Monk rune effect. It adds a short-range teleport effect to the first hit of this skill, enabling the Monk to move instantly into punching range of any enemy within about 30 yards. This is helpful to close in quickly, to catch up to fleeing enemies, or to skip past tanks to reach the shaman or mage monster in the back row.

A small-radius of lightning damage is added to each punch as well.

Name Level Description
Fists of Thunder

1 Release an electric shockwave with every punch that hits all enemies within 6 yards of your primary enemy for 120% weapon damage as Lightning and causes knockback with every third hit.

Screenshots and videos of this effect will be added post-release.


Prior to the skill rune revision in November 2011, this effect was enabled by the Alabaster rune.

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