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Ice Armor being cast.

Ice Armor is a Conjuration Wizard skill unlocked at Level 14, freezing or slowing movement of enemies attacking the character.

Unlike Storm Armor's effects, which are all damage-adding and not defensive, the benefits of Ice Armor and its rune effects are more defensive in nature. Most of them add damage, though not as much as Storm Armor, but they generally include defensive bonuses as well. Also note that cold damage chills and slows (and sometimes freezes) attackers, providing an added benefit to the Wizard's survival in the form of slowed enemies.

  • This is an Armor spell. Only one Armor spell can be active at a time.


Lacking physical armor, a Wizard needs magical protection in dangerous places. This Ice Armor will have a chilling impact upon anyone striking her, cooling them to the point where their movements becomes slower, and limiting their ability to move.

Skill Rune Effects[edit]

The following is a very quick summary. See the Ice Armor rune effects page for a more thorough description of rune effects, or any of the individual rune pages for numbers, screenshots, blue quotes, and much more.

Name Level Description
Ice Armor

Armor spell
1 Cost: 25 Arcane Power

Surround yourself in a barrier of ice that reduces damage from melee attacks by 12%. Melee attackers are either Chilled or Frozen for 3 seconds. Lasts 10 minutes.

Only one Armor may be active at a time.

Chilling Aura
1 Lower the temperature of the air around you. Nearby enemies are chilled, slowing their movement speed by 80%.
1 When you are struck by a melee attack, your Armor is increased by 20% for 30 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times.
Jagged Ice
1 Melee attackers also take 189% weapon damage as Cold.
Ice Reflect
1 Melee attacks have a 40% chance to create a Frost Nova centered on the attacker, dealing 75% weapon damage as Cold.
Frozen Storm
1 A whirling storm of ice builds around you, dealing 80% weapon damage as Cold every second.

Skill Design[edit]

Pretty straightforward skill. Useful especially when trying to run away from things, but also if the Wizard is overwhelmed in melee combat, it will briefly Chill or Freeze enemies attacking her. With some rune effects, it will damage enemies as well.


The initial casting graphic is pretty cool, as a sort of hexagonal scaled globe rises up from the ground and vanishes over the Wizard’s head. After that though, there’s just a sort of blueish mist around her feet, which isn’t real impressive.


The following Wizard passives provide a benefit to Ice Armor, runed or not:

Name Level Description
Galvanizing Ward

1 As long as you have not taken damage in the last 5 seconds you gain a protective shield that absorbs the next 60% of your Life in damage.


Ice Armor was first shown in August 2009 at GamesCom, seen in the gameplay demo. It was then not known if the spell was a Wizard skill or a shrine effect. The spell was seen more clearly at BlizzCon 2009, where it was a Tier I skill on the Storm Skill Tree. Unfortunately, this skill was unnecessary in the PvP demo, as Flux explained:[1]

As with the other defensive skills, this was just not needed at Blizzcon. I cast it a few times between battles, but never took any hits when I had it active.

It was still in the game as of BlizzCon 2010, but moved to Tier 2 in the new tree-less skill system. Skill tiers were removed for the July 2011 Press Event, allowing skills to unlock steadily from levels 1 to 30. Consequently, all skill levels were adjusted and Ice Armor became a level 2 skill.


The Diablo III Beta started in September 2011, and while it ran, all of the skills continued to undergo extensive iteration. Skill changes varied from changing the levels the skills are unlocked, to changes in resource cost, damage, and even function. A few skills were removed altogether, and a few new ones were added. Also, the entire skill system received an overhaul with the Beta Patch 13 update in February 2012, with physical runes replaced by rune effects that automatically unlock at various levels for the different skills.

Ice Armor remained at level 2 when the beta started. Flux was able to try it out, but it remained unnecessary:[2]

Like all defensive skills, the only reason to use this in the beta is out of curiosity or thoroughness. I did it for both those reasons, and was underwhelmed. It does chill melee attackers that get to you, but so few do that it’s hardly of need. The dangers to a Wizard in the beta come from exploding bosses and ranged attackers. Obviously the utility of Ice Armor may differ in other areas of the game, but those aren’t available for testing just yet, alas.

With the Patch 13 changes, Ice Armor was classified as a Conjuration skill and bumped all the way up to level 14, out of reach of beta players. For March's Beta Patch 14, Cold damage was removed from skill, and several rune effects were tweaked.


Ice Armor can be seen in action on video here:

You can find pictures in the Diablo III screenshot and picture gallery:


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