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Avalanche in action.

Avalanche is the new Barbarian skill in Reaper of Souls and is unlocked at level 61, located in the Might category.

Skill Rune Effects[edit]

Name Level Description

1 Cooldown: 30 seconds

Cause a massive avalanche of rocks to fall on an area dealing 2400% weapon damage to all enemies caught in its path.

Cooldown is reduced by 1 second for every 25 Fury you spend.

MedRuneD Lahar
1 Cooldown is reduced by 1 second for every 15 Fury spent.
MedRuneB Snow-Capped Mountain
1 Cave-in from both sides pushes enemies together, dealing 2800% weapon damage as Cold and Slowing them by 60% for 3 seconds.
MedRuneE Tectonic Rift
1 Store up to 3 charges of Avalanche.
MedRuneA Glacier
1 Giant blocks of ice hit enemies for 2400% weapon damage as Cold and Freeze them.

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