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Piercing Trident is a rune effect in the Monk's Deadly Reach skill.

Piercing Trident is a Spirit Generating Monk skill unlocked at level 9. It does not change the function or damage of the base skill, but it greatly increases the range of the second and third strikes, making this almost a ranged attack, in function.

Name Level Description


The base version of this skill deals a punch, a shoulder butt, and a side kick that have considerably longer range, via a wave of force like spray of power, than normal attacks.

The Piercing Trident effect changes the hits to three punches, decreases the range of the third hit, but creates a much wider fan-shaped area of effect. Everything in the range of the skill is damaged, making this useful against large groups of enemies.

Three shot sequence showing the increased area of damage.


Prior to the skill rune revision in November 2011, this effect was enabled by the Indigo Rune.

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