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Death Toll is a rune effect in Marked for Death, a Discipline-spending supplemental Demon Hunter skill unlocked at Level 21.

This rune effect provides 1% life leech to all attackers of a given target. This effect is useful for other players in the game, but the small life leech return means this would be of negligible utility against fearsome enemies on higher difficulty levels, since they can kill with just one or two hits.

Compare this rune effect to Shadow Power, which can return up to 30% of the damage dealt, albeit for a much shorter duration.

Skill Rune Effects[edit]

See the Marked for Death rune effects page for thorough descriptions of all five rune effects in this skill, including screenshots, videos, and strategy tips.

Name Level Description
Marked for Death

1 Cost: 3 Discipline

Mark an enemy. The marked enemy takes 20% additional damage for the next 30 seconds.

MedRuneE Death Toll
1 Attackers heal for up to 3% of their maximum Life when damaging the marked enemy.


Screenshots and movies will be added post-release.


Prior to the skill revision in February 2012, this rune effect was enabled by the Alabaster Rune, granting the following effect with a level 7 runestone:

Death Toll


10% of damage done to the marked target heals the attacker.

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