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Tempest Rush is a Secondary Monk skill unlocked at Level 5. The Monk plows through his enemies, damaging and slowing them.

Background[edit | edit source]

Tempest Rush in action.


Skill Rune Effects[edit | edit source]

Name Level Description

<skill class="Monk">Tempest Rush</skill> <skill class="Monk" rune="Northern Breeze">Tempest Rush</skill> <skill class="Monk" rune="Tailwind">Tempest Rush</skill> <skill class="Monk" rune="Flurry">Tempest Rush</skill> <skill class="Monk" rune="Electric Field">Tempest Rush</skill> <skill class="Monk" rune="Bluster">Tempest Rush</skill>

Skill Design[edit | edit source]


Synergies[edit | edit source]

The following Monk passives provide a benefit to Tempest Rush, runed or not:

Name Level Description

<skill class="Monk">Resolve</skill>

Development[edit | edit source]

Tempest Rush was first seen at the July 2011 Press Event, where it was a level 16 skill. Unfortunately, no information about the skill's function was available.

Beta[edit | edit source]

The beta started in September 2011, and Tempest Rush stayed at level 16. The skill system was once again overhauled for the Beta Patch 13 in February 2012, and Tempest Rush was classified as a Secondary skill and moved to level 12. For Beta Patch 14, it was dropped to level 5.

Media[edit | edit source]

Tempest Rush can be seen in action on video here:

You can find pictures in the Diablo III screenshot and picture gallery:

References[edit | edit source]