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Static Charge is a rune effect the Monk's Fists of Thunder skill.

Static Charge is enabled at level 30. It places a charge of static electricity on your target, causing them to take 37% weapon damage as Lightning for 5 seconds while the Monk attacks other enemies.

The trick of this is to hit the boss or a large target first, and then pummel other monsters in the area. The Monk deals full damage to everything he hits, plus 37% of damage to all monsters with the "charge" on them.

Name Level Description
Fists of Thunder

MedRuneC Static Charge
1 Fists of Thunder applies Static Charge to enemies hit for 6 seconds. Each time an enemy with Static Charge gets hit by you, there is a chance that every other enemy with Static Charge within 40 yards takes 40% weapon damage as Lightning.

Screenshots and videos of this effect will be added post-release.


Prior to the skill rune revision in November 2011, this effect was enabled by the Obsidian rune.

A Wizard skill from much earlier in development shared this same name. Archived info about that now-removed skill can be seen here:

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