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This page lists all Demon Hunter skills. Follow the links to the individual skill pages for full discussion of every skill, including first hand reports and screenshots.

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Active Skills[edit | edit source]

Click to the individual skill pages for more details about these skills including numbers, screenshots, skill rune information, blue quotes, and much more.

Primary[edit | edit source]

Name Level Description

<skill subcat="Bow skill" class="DemonHunter">Hungering Arrow</skill> <skill subcat="Bow skill" class="DemonHunter">Entangling Shot</skill> <skill subcat="Bow skill" class="DemonHunter">Bola Shot</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Grenades</skill>

Secondary[edit | edit source]

Name Level Description

<skill class="DemonHunter">Impale</skill> <skill subcat="Bow skill" class="DemonHunter">Rapid Fire</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Chakram</skill> <skill subcat="Bow skill" class="DemonHunter">Elemental Arrow</skill>

Defensive[edit | edit source]

Name Level Description

<skill class="DemonHunter">Caltrops</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Smoke Screen</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Shadow Power</skill>

Hunting[edit | edit source]

Name Level Description

<skill subcat="Movement ability" class="DemonHunter">Vault</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Preparation</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Companion</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Marked for Death</skill>

Devices[edit | edit source]

Name Level Description

<skill subcat="Bow skill" class="DemonHunter">Evasive Fire</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Fan of Knives</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Spike Trap</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Sentry</skill>

Archery[edit | edit source]

Name Level Description

<skill subcat="Bow skill" class="DemonHunter">Strafe</skill> <skill subcat="Bow skill" class="DemonHunter">Multishot</skill> <skill subcat="Bow skill" class="DemonHunter">Cluster Arrow</skill> <skill subcat="Bow skill" class="DemonHunter">Rain of Vengeance</skill>

Passive Skills[edit | edit source]

Passive skills replaced Traits during late game development in 2011. Many Traits were simply changed to passive skills, but some are all new. See the Demon Hunter traits page for a full list of those passives.

Name Level Description

<skill class="DemonHunter">Tactical Advantage</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Thrill of the Hunt</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Vengeance</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Steady Aim</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Cull the Weak</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Night Stalker</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Brooding</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Hot Pursuit</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Archery</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Numbing Traps</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Perfectionist</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Custom Engineering</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Grenadier</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Sharpshooter</skill> <skill class="DemonHunter">Ballistics</skill>

Skill Distribution[edit | edit source]

A useful player-made chart showing when the Demon Hunter gains access to skills, passives, and rune effects.

Demon Hunter skill progression. Stats as of May 5, 2012.

Development[edit | edit source]

The Demon Hunter was the fifth and final character to be revealed in Diablo III, making her debut at Blizzcon 2010.

Removed Skills[edit | edit source]

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