Corpse Explosion


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  • Base Skill (Physical)
    • Target an area exploding all corpses within 11 yards dealing 150% weapon damage to enemies within 20 yards.
  • Final Embrace (Physical)
    • Corpses pull themselves towards the nearest enemy before exploding, but Corpse Explosion now costs 3% life per corpse.
  • Close Quarters (Poison)
    • Now explodes corpses close to you, dealing 200% weapon damage to enemies within 20 yards.
  • Bloody Mess (Physical)
    • Explosion radius is increased to 25 yards.
  • Dead Cold (Cold)
    • Freeze all enemies caught in the explosion for 2 seconds.
  • Shrapnel (Poison)
    • Corpses now explode away from you, hitting all targets in a cone.

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