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This page archives a skill that was removed during the development. This is for future curiosity and reference. This page is not to be updated with current info; see the Monk Skills article for the latest information.


Lethal Decoy is a Spirit Spending Monk skill unlocked at Level 7. The Monk summons a holy image of himself with a magnetic personality.

Background[edit | edit source]

Lethal Combatant runestone effect.

The Monk expends spirit energy to summon a holy decoy of himself, which attracts monsters and deals damage.

Runestone Effects[edit | edit source]

The following is a very quick list. See the Lethal Decoy rune effects page for a more thorough summary of rune effects, or any of the individual rune pages for numbers, screenshots, blue quotes, and much more.

Icon Skill Description
IconLethalDecoy.png Lethal Decoy
Spirit Spender
(Level 7)


Cost: 75 Spirit

Create an illusion of pure holy energy that attracts enemies to itself and explodes after 1 seconds for 379% weapon damage as Holy.



If you die while the decoy is alive, you are resurrected at the decoy's location with 100% Life. The decoy no longer attracts enemies and the duration is increased to 26 seconds.

Explosive Decoy


Increases damage of the explosion to 94-172 Holy damage.

Spirit Link


When the decoy explodes it also heals all allies within 25 yards for 3726-4471 Life.

Many Monks


Spawn 3 decoys. Each decoy deals 31-56 Holy damage when it explodes.

Lethal Combatant


Summons a stronger decoy for 13 seconds. The decoy can move and attack enemies for 85-149 damage per swing.

Note: Information is based on a level 60 character and rank 7 runestones.

Skill Design[edit | edit source]

This skill first appeared at BlizzCon 2010. The Monk creates an exact duplicate of him or her, that looks like a shiny golden statue. Monsters are drawn to it and will attack the decoy, though it does not take apparent damage or react to attacks or hits.

One-shot kill on Leoric.

Only one of the runestone effects has yet been seen, Lethal Combatant, which looks like the same sort of statue, but with dark gray exterior.

Beta Changes[edit | edit source]

The Monk's skills underwent numerous tweaks and changes during the Diablo III Beta. Lethal Decoy increased greatly in damage, while the duration (the time the decoy lasted between cast and explosion) was lowered. This had the effect of changing the skill from a decoy to an attack that had very high potential damage. As you can see in the image to the right, it was capable of dealing over 2000 damage and killing the Skeleton King in a single shot; this from a Clvl 13, well-equipped Monk.

Synergies[edit | edit source]

Development[edit | edit source]

Lethal Decoy was first revealed at BlizzCon 2010. Skill tiers were removed for the July 2011 Press Event, and Lethal Decoy became a level 7 skill. In Beta Patch 8, Lethal Decoy was removed from the game.

Media[edit | edit source]

Lethal Decoy can be seen in numerous gameplay videos from the Diablo III beta. The golden shining statue appearance of the skill has prompted numerous, "And the Academy Award goes to..." jokes from fans.

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