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Just...Stay...Dead! was formerly a trait slated to be in the game for all five character classes. It was revealed to be removed from the game[1] in early March, for reasons listed as such:

We agree, and they were removed from Traits a while back. (not that you could have known that) So yay! We don’t want traits (passives) to be boring. Even the ones that are pretty bland stat increase type passives, we try to make them feel weighty. Trait points are fairly rare, so that lets us make each point feel a lot sexier to spend. Even if they’re just standard +% stat passives, they’re BIG +% increases. But, there’s also a lot of traits that are fairly intricate in what they provide, and to no small degree can be game changers. Either way they’ll be a crucial component to any character build.

There was a small bit of contention in the community surrounding Just...Stay...Dead! and a few other traits in the game, such as Lucky and Intimidation, but it is unknown whether they remain in the game or not. More information will be revealed in the beta test.

Just...Stay...Dead! had increased damage against undead by a set percentage, increasing in strength as it increased in rank.