Black Ice (trait)

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This trait became the passive skill Black Ice when all traits were removed from the game prior to the press event of July 2011. This is archived for future curiosity and reference. This page is not to be updated with current info; see the skills page for current skill information.

Black Ice is a Wizard trait. This trait causes target frozen by the Wizard to take additional damage.

Black Ice Properties[edit | edit source]

Black Ice

  • Clvl Req: 47
  • Description: Frozen targets take additional damage from all sources.
  • Max points: 3
    • Rank One: Frozen targets take 25% more damage.
    • Rank Two: Frozen targets take 50% more damage.Unknown.
    • Rank Three: Frozen targets take 75% more damage.
  • Lore: Not yet known.

It's not known if this applies only to frozen targets, or to chilled targets as well. Since Champions, Bosses, and other players in PvP can not be frozen (just chilled) that seems to limit the utility of this skill a bit. Also consider that anything frozen can be refrozen and kept frozen, thus dying helplessly with or without bonus damage effects.

Classes[edit | edit source]

This is a Wizard-only trait.

Synergies[edit | edit source]

Wizard spells that can freeze targets include:

Ray of Frost and Blizzard only chill; they do not freeze. (Though perhaps a runestone might add that property, making them eligible for a bonus from Black Ice?

This might be a useful trait for a Battle Mage, since Ice Armor adds to armor as well as freezing melee attackers.