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Royal gems are the 18th rank of gem and only found in Reaper of Souls. Royal gems are the second highest ranking gem and convey considerable bonus properties when socketed into armor and helms.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

This rank of gem only exists in Reaper of Souls and can only be created by crafting 3 Flawless Imperial gems.

Gem Ranks[edit | edit source]

A full list of gems by rank. Drop levels are approximate up to 60, with some overlap between each ascending level of gem.

  1. Chipped gem -- Drops from level 15-20 targets.
  2. Flawed gem -- Drops from level 21-25 targets. ]
  3. Regular gem -- Drops from level 26-30 targets.
  4. Flawless gem -- Drops from level 31-36 targets.
  5. Perfect gem -- Drops from level 37-42 targets.
  6. Radiant gem -- Drops from level 43-48 targets.
  7. Square gem -- Drops from level 49-54 targets.
  8. Flawless Square gem -- Drops from level 55-60 targets.
  9. Perfect Square gem -- Upgrade only.
  10. Radiant Square gem -- Upgrade only.
  11. Star gem -- Upgrade only.
  12. Flawless Star gem -- Upgrade only.
  13. Perfect Star gem -- Upgrade only.
  14. Radiant Star gem -- Upgrade only.
  15. Marquise gem -- Upgrade only in D3: Drops lvl 61+ in Reaper of Souls.)
  16. Imperial gem -- RoS-only. Upgrade, or rarely drops from lvl 61+ on Master+ difficulty.
  17. Flawless Imperial gem -- Upgrade only. RoS only.
  18. Royal gem -- Upgrade only. RoS only.
  19. Flawless Royal gem -- Upgrade only. RoS only.

Royal Gem Stats[edit | edit source]

The stats for all types of Royal Gems, as of Reaper of Souls v2.0.4.

Quality Gem Helm Other Weapon
Amethyst-R18-royal.png Royal Amethyst +22% Life +220 Vitality Each Hit Adds +1000 Life
Diamond-R17-flawless-imperial.png Flawless Imperial Diamond Reduces cooldown of all skills by 12% +72 Resistance to All Elements Increases damage against Elites by 19%
Emerald-R18-royal.png Royal Emerald +97% Increased Gold Find +220 Dexterity Critical Hit Damage Increased by 125%
Ruby-R18-royal.png Royal Ruby Increases Bonus Experience by 37% +220 Strength +250 Damage
Topaz-R18-royal.png Royal Topaz 39% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items +220 Intelligence Ranged and Melee attackers take 4250 damage per hit.

See the gems article for stats and upgrade costs for all ranks and types of gem.