Eye of Peshkov

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Eye of Peshkov.

Eye of Peshkov is a legendary spirit stone that can be found in Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls. This item can only be equipped by the Monk, and will only very rarely drop for any class other than the Monk.

The Smart Drop system ensures that spirit stones will usually roll with Dexterity, or at least never roll with Strength or Intelligence. Any bonus skill damage will be tuned to Monk skills as well.

Eye of Peshkov properties[edit | edit source]

This Spirit Stone has a legendary affix that greatly reduces the cooldown of Breath of Heaven. That skill can buff offense or defense, and the most common rune used is Circle of Wrath which provides a 10% damage buff for 9 seconds, with a 15 second cooldown. Thus this spirit stone would enable a player to keep the Circle of Wrath buff active 100% of the time, even without other cooldown reduction gear.

  • All stats listed in the database scale up to the level of this item when dropped.
  • See the sample screenshots below to see how this belt will roll at level 70.

Eye of Peshkov: Legendary Spirit Stone

  • Minimum Item Level: 31
  • Armor: 114–149

Primary Affixes:

  • +128–163 Dexterity
  • One of 11 Magic Properties (varies)
    • Reduces resource cost of Cyclone Strike by 1–2 Spirit
    • Increases Way of the Hundred Fists Damage by 5–6%
    • Increases Sweeping Wind Damage by 5–6%
    • Increases Exploding Palm Damage by 5–6%
    • Increases Crippling Wave Damage by 5–6%
    • Increases Deadly Reach Damage by 5–6%
    • Increases Fists of Thunder Damage by 5–6%
    • Increases Tempest Rush Damage by 10–15%
    • Increases Exploding Palm Damage by 10–15%
    • Increases Wave of Light Damage by 10–15%
    • Increases Lashing Tail Kick Damage by 10–15%
  • Empty Socket

Secondary Affixes:

  • Reduce the cooldown of Breath of Heaven by 38–50%.
  • +1 random secondary affix

"The mind sees most clearly when the eyes are shut."
—High Abbot Peshkov

Salvages into:

Item Examples[edit | edit source]

Several examples of this item can be seen below. View more samples of the Eye of Peshkov via DiabloNut's armory.