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Flails are melee weapons added to the game in Reaper of Souls. They can only be equipped by the Crusader class, much as Mighty Weapons can only be used by Barbarians. Flails come in one-handed and two-handed varieties and can roll with special bonuses for the Crusader that are not found on other weapon types.

Of all classes in Reaper of Souls, the Crusader is virtually alone in having a regular use for two-handed weapons, thanks to his Heavenly Strength passive skill, which allows the Crusader to wield a variety of two-handed melee weapons (not just 2H flails) in one hand, when he holds a shield (Or crusader shield) in the off-hand slot.

Legendary Flails[edit | edit source]

There are a full variety of legendary quality flails that all Crusaders can aspire to for their end game gear. These weapons are a match for any other legendary melee weapon in damage, and the rarer legendary flails have special legendary affixes that grant amazing powers to the Crusaders lucky enough to equip them.

  • See the individual articles for full details on stats and bonus features for each of these weapons.

One-handed Legendary Flails

31) Darklight
31) Gyrfalcon's Foote
31) Inviolable Faith
31) Justinian's Mercy
31) Kassar's Retribution
31) Swiftmount
70) Golden Scourge - Crafted

Two-handed Legendary Flails

31) Baleful Remnant
31) Fate of the Fell
31) Golden Flense
61) The Mortal Drama