Anger of Iben Fahd

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Anger of Iben Fahd recipe.

The Anger of Iben Fahd is a recipe for Kanai's Cube that converts crafting materials from one type to another. Using this recipe players can change switch their Reusable Parts (white material), Arcane Dust (blue material), or Veiled Crystal (yellow material) between each other. Just those three materials though. Forgotten Souls and Death's Breaths are not usable as input or output in this recipe.

This recipe is useful to change a material you have excess of to one you're lacking in. This is not such an issue in Patch 2.3 as it was earlier versions of Diablo III, since materials are now pretty well balanced, thanks to Odious Collectors, Horadric Caches, and other sources dropping much larger stacks of white and blue materials.

Players planning to take advantage of this recipe, and not eager to return to town, should learn to pick up all the blue and white items possible, but seldom yellow (rare) items, since those only convert into 1 material, while blue and white convert into 2-6. And thanks to the Anger of Iben Fahd all materials are worth the same.

Convert Materials[edit | edit source]

This recipe changes 100 materials into 100 materials of another type. The item placed into the Cube determines the type. For instance, 100 white or 100 blue materials + 1 rare item + 1 DB = 100 yellow materials. The white/blue/yellow item can come from any source, including gambling or vendor purchase.

Anger of Iben Fahd

  • 100 stack of white, blue, or yellow material
  • 1 item of the quality (white, blue, or yellow) you want to change the materials to.
  • 1 Death's Breath
"He called the nine together, and declared that the cube must be put away, hidden even from them. Perhaps from them most of all. Seven of the nine concurred, and so the cube was taken under cover of darkness, entrusted...."
--fragment of the Dark Exile Scrolls.

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