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Sheet Toughness (or "Paper") refers to the toughness displayed on the character window. Unlike Sheet DPS which is wildly inaccurate in Reaper of Souls, Sheet Toughness is a fairly accurate representation of the actual Toughness a character possesses.

Profile Toughness is the Toughness displayed in the character Profile, viewable for your own character or other characters online. This figure may be extremely inaccurate, much lower than the actual Toughness (as seen in-game) since it does not include Paragon Points, Set Item bonuses, boossts from some skills (such as Passive Skills or active effects) and more. The Profile Toughness may therefore be much lower than the actual figure.

A typical example is seen in the screens below. Those show the same Demon Hunter with exactly the same equipment and skills. The only difference is the in-game view vs. the Profile view. The profile shows under 5 million toughness for a character who actually has nearly 13 million. The DPS and Healing numbers are quite different as well, though not as radically inaccurate as the Toughness figures.

Profile Toughness display is radically different than the more-accurate Toughness seen in-game.