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The Executioner database.

The Executioner is a two-handed legendary axe found in Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls.

This item has no legendary affix, but it usually spawns with a bonus to Movement Speed, which can only be found on a few legendary weapons. (Though in RoS most players enchant that MS bonus to something offensive, such as a socket or +damage%.)

Item Stats[edit]

Like all sub-level 70 legendary items in Reaper of Souls, the database stats are meaningless since the item in-game will scale up to the level of the character that finds it. See the level 70 screenshots below for a sense of how this item works in reality.

The Executioner

  • Item Level: 8
  • 1.00 Attacks per Second
  • One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
    • +41–53 Strength
    • +41–53 Intelligence
    • +41–53 Dexterity
  • One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
    • Monster kills grant +5–6 experience.
    • Monster kills grant +7–9 experience.
  • One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
    • +6–7% Movement Speed
    • +8–9% Movement Speed
  • +2 Random Magic Properties
  • Legendary Affix: None.

Stained with the blood of its many victims.

Level 70 Examples[edit]

Several screenshots of level 70 versions of this item in use by players of various classes. Items courtesy of the DiabloNut armory. See more examples here.


Diablo 3 Classic[edit]

Like most sub-level 60 legendary items, this axe didn't have enough damage or stats to be useful in the end game and was seldom seen in use by any character.


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