Skeleton Key

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Database display of the Skeleton Key.

The Skeleton Key is a Legendary Follower item. This grants immortality to the Scoundrel who has it equipped, allowing him to take no damage from any attack, as though he had 100% damage mitigation.

  • All legendary follower items are Torment-only and can only be found from level 70 targets on difficulty Torment 1 or higher.

Life Share Exploit[edit | edit source]

This item can be abused by a well-geared character who has a legendary Unity ring on themselves and on their follower, since Unity divides the damage taken between everyone in the game wearing one. Since the Smoking Thurible simply erases all damage sent to the Follower, the total damage (which is then shared out between Unity-users) is reduced considerably.

Legendary Follower Items[edit | edit source]

Each follower has two legendary items, one grating immortality, the other enabling all skills. Along with the legendary property these each spawn with 5 random affixes, just like rare follower items.