Class-Specific Armor

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Numerous types of armor (and some weapons) are restricted to certain classes in Diablo III. Class-specific armor is custom-themed to the class that can wear it, such as Voodoo Masks for Witch Doctors.

The limitations on items have changed repeatedly during the game's development, and will likely continue to evolve right up until release. (With new weapon/armor types and other changes appearing in the expansions.) More information on the rationale behind class-specific items can be found in the Class-Specific Weapons entry.

Who Can Use What?[edit | edit source]

This list is incomplete and subject to change as the game's development continues and more information is released. It was compiled from datamined lists and also play time in the Diablo III Beta test. See the armor page for a full list of armor types in Diablo III.

Each class-specific item type is also represented by a legendary variant, and also many of them exist within item sets.