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Skill of Nilfur recipe.

The Skill of Nilfur is a recipe for Kanai's Cube that converts a set item into another item from the same set. The roll is entirely random, in terms of which other item in the set is created, and the stats on that item. The same item will never reroll twice in a row, and this recipe only works on sets with three or more items.

The new set item is entirely random, except it will never be of Ancient Quality. It's as if the item just dropped from a monster or was gambled anew.

This recipe is designed to be used by players struggling to find the last item they need for a four or six-piece set bonus, as it lets them convert any spare item in that set, hoping to roll it to the type they need

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Skill of Nilfur

"...of the cave, ten Horadrim channeled powers arcane and mystic. Ten felt their sanity slipping away. And nine averted their eyes as the cube came alive."
--fragment of the Dark Exile Scrolls.
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Open portal to The Vault
req. Puzzle Ring (undocumented)
Open portal to Not the Cow Level
req. Bovine Bardiche (undocumented)

Development[edit | edit source]

When first tested in Patch 2.3 on the PTR, this recipe worked on all sets, including two-piece sets. Players quickly realized this was a great way to roll and reroll the two-item sets, since there they knew exactly which item would result each time, and with only two items it was easy to roll until an ideal item resulted.

The two ring set Focus/Restraint was a popular roll, but classes that could use the two piece weapon sets Shenlong's, Danetta's, and Bul-Kathos' gained the most, since weapons benefit so tremendously from rolling Ancient.

The developers immediately realized that two piece sets worked too well with this recipe.[1]

We are going to be changing this recipe. The intent of the convert set item recipe is to help players who are trying to finish a set and getting redundant pieces. The intent is not to get 2 Focus and reroll 1 repeatedly until it's perfect. As such changes will be coming before the feature launches to directly address this. --Travis Day

Players imagined many clever and complicated fixes to this, such as only allowing a given item to be rerolled several times, or increasing the recipe cost with each roll, a bit like enchanting works. Ultimately Blizzard went with a much simpler plan, and just removed two-piece sets from functioning with this set.

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