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Gem of Ease in Ancient weapon.

Level Requirements, often called "level reqs" or "clvl req" refer to the level a character must reach to equip that item or utilize that feature.

Many items, Artisan upgrades, crafting recipes, and other game features have a Character level requirement, and these function largely to limit the power that a low level character can obtain. Characters seldom find or craft items with a clvl req higher than they can use, so this game feature mostly limits twinking, keeping higher level characters from giving gear to lower level characters.

There are various ways to lower the clvl req of items.

  • Reduced level requirement can roll as a secondary affix, cutting up to 40 levels (the max value varies by item type) off the level requirement.
  • The Gem of Ease can be socketed in weapons, and when the legendary gem is at least rank 25, it reduces the level req to 1.
  • The Work of Cathan recipe for Kanai's Cube permanently reduces an item's level req to 1.

Also, numerous powerful objects in Diablo 3 have no level requirement, and can be used by any level of character.