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Not the Cow Level entry point.

The Cow Portal is an undocumented recipe for Kanai's Cube that opens a portal to the Not the Cow Level bonus area added to Reaper of Souls for the third anniversary event. At that time the level was accessible via special cow goblins who, when spotted and killed, would open a red portal to Diablo 3's homage to the Diablo II Secret Cow Level. This undocumented (in game) recipe is similar to the Vault Portal, with both opened via Kanai's Cube with one specific legendary item inside.

The "Not the Cow Level" was only accessible for a week in late May 2015, around the time of Diablo 3's third anniversary, but the level returned with this Cube Recipe in Patch 2.3. There are no huge treasures to be had in this area, but there are at least a dozen chests scattered throughout the area, which are a very good source for blue items/materials.

This recipe can only be accessed once per game, since the red portal stays open, in town, next to Zoltan Kulle, for the duration of the game, whether players have entered it yet or not. A second red portal can not be opened unless you create a new game, but all players in the game can enter the portal freely.

The Cow Portal[edit | edit source]

The recipe is quite simple, and requires only the one legendary polearm as the ingredient. It can only be created once per game, since the portal does not ever close in a game once it has been opened.

Cow Portal

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