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Paper doll, Jan 2012.

Chest armor refers specifically to the armor worn over a character's torso in Diablo III. The term "Armor" is often used for this item slot, but it's also a generic term for all of the various types of worn equipment in the game, including belts, gloves, boots, and more.

Chest armor can be found, bought, or crafted by the Blacksmith, and comes with a wide variety of affixes and values. Chest Armor generally provides substantial defense, and most players seek stats such as +vitality, +mainstat, and 1-3 sockets when selecting chest armor.

There are numerous item sets that include a piece of chest armor and these are among the most popular items for this item slot, both for their individual stats as well as for the set bonuses they generate when equipped with other items from the same set.

There are no attribute requirements (such as strength or dexterity) to equip items in Diablo 3. All characters can use all types of items, providing they meet the level requirement, and the item isn't class-specific.

Chest Armor Catalogue[edit | edit source]

The table below displays all of the Chest Armor in the current game files. The data below comes straight from the game files, and will update automatically when patches change existing stats or introduce new items.

<item type="list">Chest Armor</item>

Armor Looks[edit | edit source]

Armor comes in numerous different styles in Diablo 3, with 18 levels for basic armor looks, plus dozens of unique looks for legendary and set items.

  • See the Gear Sets page for numerous full armor outfits.
  • See the character art gallery for additional gear set screenshots, as well as dozens of pieces of concept art, a few of which are seen below.

Barbarian concept art, showing a hypothetical armor progression, from light to heavy.

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