Wrath of the Bone King

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Wrath of the Bone King.

Wrath of the Bone King is a legendary mace that can be found in Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls. This item can be found and equipped by any class, though two-handed melee weapons are almost exclusively used by Crusaders.

The Smart Drop system ensures that this weapon will usually roll with the mainstat appropriate to the class that finds it.

Wrath of the Bone King properties[edit | edit source]

This item does not have a legendary affix, though there is a guaranteed inherent bonus to one of the CC on hit secondary affixes. Of little use, practically.

  • All stats listed in the database scale up to the level of this item when dropped.
  • See the sample screenshots below to see how this item will roll at level 70.

Wrath of the Bone King: Legendary two-handed mace

  • Minimum Item Level: 29

Item stats at level 70:

  • 1841.0–1899.0 DPS
  • 1642 - (2040-2156) Damage
  • 1.00 Attacks per Second

Primary Attributes

    • +(1177-1439)-(1410-1788) Damage
  • +(9142-13371) Life after Each Kill
  • +2 random primary affixes

Secondary Affixes:

  • One of 8 Magic Properties (varies)
    • (1.0-5.1)% Chance to Chill on Hit
    • (1.0-5.1)% Chance to Freeze on Hit
    • (1.0-5.1)% Chance to Immobilize on Hit
    • (1.0-5.1)% Chance to Fear on Hit
    • (1.0-5.1)% Chance to Knockback on Hit
    • (1.0-5.1)% Chance to Stun on Hit
    • (1.0-5.1)% Chance to Blind on Hit
    • (1.0-5.1)% Chance to Slow on Hit
  • +1 random secondary affix
  • Legendary Affix: None.

Used by the Skeleton King to punish those who would stand against him.

Salvages into:

Item Examples[edit | edit source]

Several examples of this item equipped on level 70 characters can be seen below. View hundreds more samples of the Wrath of the Bone King via DiabloNut's armory.


Gallery[edit | edit source]

Wrath of the Bone King is a reference to the World of WarCraft expansion "Wrath of the Lich King". It is also the same model used for the Skeleton King's mace, hence the "bone king" reference. The Mad Monarch's Scepter also uses this same item graphic, though that one has a shorter handle and is a one-handed mace.