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Work of Cathan recipe.

The Work of Cathan is a recipe for Kanai's Cube that completely removes the level requirement from any item. The item is not destroyed or modified, just changed to have no level requirement, so it can be equipped by even a level 1 character.

This recipe is best used to create twinking items, to hand down to a new character and make their passage up to level 70 much quicker and easier.

It is one of the least-used recipes, since aside from early in a season, few players roll new characters from level 1. And with experience sharing so freely in Diablo III, most players simply join a friend's game and stand by the stairs to the level being cleared, thus leveling up without any effort.

This recipe is of most use to Hardcore players, who will reroll every now and then (like it or not). It's also helpful for players who prefer to go solo and earn their own kills, instead of just leeching their way up on someone else's back.

PvP is not much played in Diablo III, but if ever it becomes more of a thing, this recipe would make Low Level Dueling a strange proposition. Players could equip any level of character entirely in end game quality gear, like little kids playing dress up.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Work of Cathan

"...was done, and the scars would remain forever. And so it was time for eh final step, the one each of them had secretly hoped would not come to pass."
--fragment of the Dark Exile Scrolls.

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