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Azureblade is the type of sword wielded by Tyrael and Izual.
Tyrael's sword is named El'Druin, and is also commonly titled Sword of Justice.
Izual is wielding Azurewrath.

As The Azurewrath is called an 'Angelic Runeblade' by Tyrael, it is speculated that it might be his own as well.

Background[edit | edit source]

Tyrael fighting the Dark Wanderer.

The origins of the Sword is unknown, but the Azureblade has been used by Tyrael for a long time, and was his weapon of choice when fighting the Dark Wanderer inside the Tomb of Tal Rasha, next to the Binding Stone.

The Azureblade El'Druin is also the sword Tyrael used in conjunction with some sort of spell to destroy the corrupted Worldstone.