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Rift it Forward (RiF)was a popular semi-exploit involving Nephalem Rifts that thrived from RoS' launch until Patch 2.1 changed the rift key costs and ended the practice.

When it worked, the RiF system was for weaker character to open Rifts for powerful characters, who would then allow the weaker characters to join their game and share in the Rift Guardian rewards, in exchange for opening up a new Rift afterwards.

  • Patch 2.1 changed Rift costs from "5 keys to open a portal for everyone" to "entering a rift costs every character one key". This ended the possibility of RiFing, at least in the way it was practiced prior to that patch.

Rift if Forward Details[edit | edit source]

From RoS' launch up until Patch 2.1, Rift it Forward was a popular technique (exploit?) to share the costs of Rift Keys and rewards of Nephalem Rift completions. Patch 2.1 killed this system by changing Rift costs from 5 keys to open a rift, to 1 key per each player upon entering the Rift or Greater Rift.

When the RiF system worked, the technique was for a powerful player to solo a Rift on a high difficulty level, then to use the public or clan chat to offer spots in his game to other players just before he completed the rift. A weaker character or characters would join in and enter the rift, thus getting their share of the Guardian's drop, plus the exp and gold reward for finishing the rift. In exchange, the weaker character would open a new Rift in that game, and then exit, leaving it for the powerful character to solo, and saving him the cost of any rift keys.

This system benefited weaker characters by giving them free experience, gold, and items, and benefited powerful characters by enabling them to do Rifts without having to farm for or spend their own Rift Keys. Though the entire system is technically an exploit, Blizzard commented approvingly[1] on it, and seemed to have no plans to end Rif'ing... until Patch 2.1 suddenly changed the rift costs and did just that.

Social Capital[edit | edit source]

Rifting if Forward can be seen as a sort of trading, something that's come about at least partially due to Diablo 3's lack of trading features. If Rift Keys were not Account Bound, then it's likely players would trade them for various things, much as players used to pay Runes (in Diablo 2), or gold (in Diablo 3) for getting a rush or other time-consuming service.

Since neither Rift Keys or any other commodity of value can be traded in D3v2 or Reaper of Souls, players have to find other ways to exchange value, and Rifting it Forward is essentially a way to trade time; weaker characters farm for Rift Keys and exchange those for the items and gold they gain from the Nephalem Rift completion, while the powerful players need not spend time farming Bounties and can stick entirely to the more profitable Rifts.

Blizzard Comments[edit | edit source]

Blizzard CM Grimiku commented via the Battle.net forums.[2]

This sounds like a great way for like minded members of the community to get together, farm a lot of Rifts, and have some fun. I'm glad to hear that so many of you are having a great time doing it, and I'm looking forward to jumping on the bandwagon. Have shards, will Rift.