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Life per Kill or "LpK" is a character property that details how much life a character gains for each enemy killed. The bonus is always a set figure, never a percentage, and is tabulated for each enemy killed, regardless of their size or difficulty -- this modifier awards the same bonus whether a character kills an Act Boss or the lowliest trash mob.

While less valued than Life per Hit, LpK is a useful modifier in Reaper of Souls, and much improved in value from its Diablo 3 origin. Some reasons for the increased value of this modifier in the expansion:

  • Characters have much deeper health pools and require more healing to keep them filled.
  • Monster density is lower in RoS than in D3V post-v1.08, meaning fewer health orbs drop.
  • Life Steal is not functional in the end game of Reaper of Souls, making it harder for characters to keep their health pool topped off between Elite battles.

Life per Kill can be found on numerous item slots in Reaper of Souls, and with higher numbers than in Diablo 3. Characters can easily exceed 10,000 life per kill with several items boosting it.

Life Per Kill vs. Life Per Hit[edit | edit source]

Life per _______ fields in RoS.

The difference is exactly what it sounds like. LpK grants hit points for each kill while Life per Hit grants hit points for each successful hit landed on an enemy.

  • LpK is found with higher numbers and in more item slots. It is classified as a Secondary Affix type and is therefore considered one of the more useful "throw in" type modifiers on Rares and some Legendaries.
  • LpH grants a set number of hit points per hit, whether this kills the enemy or not. (A hit that killed would earn both LpH and LpK.) LpH is found in smaller bonuses and on fewer item type than LpK, and is classifed as a primary affix, making it quit difficulty to accumulate and always forcing a trade off between LpH and other very important Primary Affixes.

Life After Each Kill[edit | edit source]

This modifier was called "Life After Each Kill" in Diablo 3, and usually abbreviated to LAEK, or more often LAK (Life After Kill). Despite working exactly as it does in Reaper of Souls, this modifier was not much valued in Diablo 3 since it wasn't necessary. The much smaller health pools were easier to keep filled by health orbs and other healing item affixes and skill properties, most notably Life Steal and Life on Hit.

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Pre-release image of a rare crafted fist weapon with +3 LAEK.