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  • Note: The following is taken from the development of Diablo III, and no information contained herein is current.

Little is known about the Items in Diablo III. There will likely be uniques, sets and many other items of the types we're familiar with from Diablo II, but this far before release the D3 team is keeping quiet about item types, and what we see in screenshots and gameplay movies is subject to change.

Items in the WWI Gameplay Movie[edit | edit source]

The name colours of these items are not yet confirmed. White items seem to be normal, but purple are unknown. There were no purple named item types in Diablo II, so it's unknown if these are analogous to Rare, Set, or Unique, or are an entirely new type of item. Also keep in mind that item stats are the sort of feature that is highly subject to change during development.

The Diablo III team is taking a lot of inspiration from World of Warcraft, meaning the purple items in Diablo III could be Epics.

Item Colors and Item Types[edit | edit source]

The Background and the name of items is colored to show which Item Type they are, The colors and item types are:

  • Normal items = No/White Color: An Item that has no magical effects.
  • Magic items = Blue Color: An Item that has some random magical effects/Attributes, each effect/attribute bonus gives a specific prefix and/or a specific suffix to the name of the item to reflect this.
  • Rare items = Yellow Color: An Item that has Many random magical effects/Attributes, including some unique ones and is better by stats than a magical item. It comes with a randomly selected preset name.
  • Set items = Green Color: Set items belong to a set, which is powerful if the set is complete. Some sets are made for specific classes and increase the class' skills and gives effects/attributes more appropriate for that class. Each set and set piece is Uniquely named. Set items complement one another, so if you have 2 different items of the same set (I.E Boots and Gloves), you will get a bonus for having 2 items of the set. Set items can either be crafted (lower level), or can be drops (end-game). All set items are of legendary quality.
  • Unique/Legendary items = Orange Color: Considered to be the best items in the game for certain slots/builds, they will be uniquely named, will look unique, and will possess unique effects/attributes. The color was changed to orange because of the similarity between gold and yellow in Diablo II.

Item Stats[edit | edit source]

Items that were seen hovered on, allowing their stats to be displayed in their respective Tooltips.

Hovering on an item shows its stats compared to what you currently have equipped.

Items[edit | edit source]

List of Items Seen in the game or from screenshots: (2H = Two-Handed)

Weapons[edit | edit source]

August 2010.
  • Axes Axe.png
    • Gaff and Spitze : It is unknown if "Gaff" or "Spitze" is a TYPE of axe or the rumored names of the Barbarian's slain Children
    • Heavy Axe
    • Double Axe
    • Hand Axe
    • Military Pick
    • Two-Handed Axe
    • Long Axe
  • Polearms
    • Polearm
  • Maces Club.png
    • Annihilator Maul (2H)
    • Club.
    • Spiked Club
    • Two-Handed Club
    • Two-Handed Hammer
    • Hammer
Wrist Spade recipe. August 2010.
  • Thrown
    • Throwing Knife
  • Wands
    • Lesser Wand
    • Yew Wand
    • Eagle Orb
    • Greater Wand
  • Staves
    • Short Staff
    • Eagle Orb (Eagle Orbs were a Wizard-only type of stave, 1 handed)
    • Long Staff
    • Yew Staff
  • Combat Staff

(Used by Monks)

    • Yew Stick
  • Bows
    • Short Bow
  • Crossbows
    • Light Slingbow
  • Hand Crossbows
    • Quillshots
  • Swords Sword.png
    • Short Sword
    • Falchion
    • Scimitar
    • Two-Handed Sword
  • Daggers
    • Short Dagger
    • Long Dagger
    • Knife
  • Fist Weapons
    • Wrist Spade
    • Fist Blade

Armor[edit | edit source]

Magical Belt. August 2010.
  • Shields Shield.png
    • Buckler
    • Large Shield
    • Small Shield
    • Magic Orb (This Wizard-Only Item, while not a shield, goes into the Shield Slot in the inventory. It provides various magical benefits but does not block or have an armor rating, it was seen in the inventory in the 2009 GamesCom video, and provided a 19% increase to spell damage.)
  • Boots Boots.png
    • Plated Greaves
    • Leather Boots
    • Boots
    • Shoes
    • Heavy Boots
  • Belts Belt.png
    • Sash
    • Scale Belt
    • Leather Belt
Magical boots recipe. August 2010.
  • Body Armor Chest.png
    • Quilted Armor
    • Gothic Plate
    • Leather Armor
    • Garments
    • Stronghide Tunic
    • Happy Armor
    • Vestments
    • Scale Mail
  • Helms
    • Gothic Helm
    • Skull Cap
    • Cap
    • Hat
  • Gloves Gloves.png
    • Leather Gloves
    • Gauntlets
    • Worn Gloves
    • Scale Gloves
  • Legs Pants.png
    • Quilted Pants
    • Plate Leggings
    • Leather Pants
  • Shoulder Pad(s).
    • Plated Pauldrons
    • Quilted Shoulder Pads
    • Leather Shoulder Pads
  • Wrists
    • Bracers

Consumables[edit | edit source]

  • Elixirs provide effects for a limited period, and have a number on the end indicating the rank of the elixir (so far, only rank 1 and rank 3 elixirs were seen). Higher ranks of Elixirs could mean better effects and/or longer lasting time. (Standard lasting time is 300 seconds as was seen in the BlizzCon Demo)
    • Elixir of Strength I. : Gives X amount of Strength for Y amount of time.
    • Elixir of Dexterity I. : Gives X amount of Dexterity for Y amount of time.
    • Elixir of Vitality I. : Gives X amount of Vitality for Y amount of time.
    • Elixir of Willpower I. : Gives X amount of Willpower for Y amount of time.
    • Elixir of Regeneration I. : Restores X amount of HP over Y amount of time. Elixir.png
  • Scrolls are small, stackable, 1-time-use items that provide effects for a limited period. World of Warcraft has similar scrolls, which buff the player for 30 to 60 minutes with various buffs (mostly stats and armor). They too have ranks, except they are represent by an adjective instead of a number, that could mean better effects and/or longer lasting time.
    • Scroll of Town Portal (Removed) : Opens a portal to town. Could be a completely different scroll.Blue Scroll.png
    • Unknown Red Scroll : As seen in the latest screenshots, 4 stacked red scrolls. They could be Scrolls of Identity, but this is not confirmed.Red Scroll.png
    • Scroll of Superior Protection : Gives X amount of Armor for Y amount of time.
    • Scroll of Detection : It is unknown what this scroll does, but it was seen in the GamesCom 2009 demo, so it may have a good use, like detecting invisible monsters, for example.
    • Scroll of Wealth : Allows the player to sell his items/loot right on the spot. May look like a Yellow Scroll.
  • Potions are concoctions that provide the player with some sort of relief. 1 Potion has been seen so far in inventories, they have the same icon as they had in D2.
    • Unknown Potion : According to video made at BlizzCon, this should be Elixir of Willpower I.Potion.png
      • Super Health Potion
      • Health Potion
      • Lesser Health Potion
  • Vials are a sort of potion, which are made for the player's teammates. The player cannot use them on himself, Only One vial has been seen in an inventory (in the GamesCom Video).
    • Vial of Resurrection : In the item description (hard to read, by the way), it says ".... Fallen Party Member" (The 1st 3-4 words are unreadable). This implies that this vial is made to resurrect fallen party members.

Jewelry[edit | edit source]


  • Amulets are worn in the Amulet Slot. There are various designs of amulets, but their effects/stats are determined by what item type they are, since each item type has its own rules regarding effects/stats.
  • Rings are worn in the Rings Slots. There are various designs of rings, but their effects/stats are determined by what item type they are, since each item type has its own rules regarding effects/stats.
  • Gems are small, precious stones that are magically enchanted and can be socketed into an item, to give it a permanent effect (it is not known whether you can replace socketed gems). Each gem type has properties that give a specific effect depending where you socket it. Ranks of gems exist, and are named by how fine they are cut (Chipped, Flawless). As stated in a recent talk with Jay Wilson, Sockets are random and affect all items, meaning that 1 player may get a Legendary item while another player gets that same item but with a socket(s).
    • Topaz : A Yellow Coloured precious gem. May have Electrical properties.Topaz.png
    • Emerald : A Green Coloured precious gem. May have Poison properties.Emerald.png
      • Weapons: X% Casting Speed
      • Helm: Attacker takes X Damage
      • Other: X to Dexterity
    • Sapphire : A Blue Coloured precious gem. May have Frost properties.Sapphire.png

List of Prefixes/Suffixes/Non-Magical Prefixes[edit | edit source]

Items with non-magical prefixes, are not Magic items, they still maintain a white colored name, they are rather, prefixes that make the item better than normal, sometimes adding magical effects BUT not making the item change its color to blue. Also the magical effects (if any) are randomized.

August 2010.

Note: "..." = the name of the item. So ".... of Storms" could mean "Heavy Axe of Storms" or "Short Sword of Storms"

  • List of Prefixes
    • "Savage ..." : Gives X amount of Damage Increase in Percentages to the weapon.
    • "Restless ..." : Increases the base experience rewarded per kill by X.
      • "Peerlees ..." : Increases the base experience rewarded per kill by X. More than above.
    • "Oracle's ..." : Spells deal X% more damage.
      • "Bewitched ..." : Spells deal X% more damage. More than above.
    • "Piercing ..." : Gives X to Critical Strike Rating.
    • "Ornate ..." : Worth X% more gold to Vendors.
    • "Emerald ..." : Gives X Poison Resistance.
    • "Imbued ..." : Provide class unique benefits. (Only 2 items were seen with this prefix, they made all Mana Spells and Abilities cost less mana by 1 and 2 points respectively)
    • "Lucky ..." : Increase chance of finding magic items by X.
    • "Grounded ..." : Gives X to Lightning Resistance.
    • "Ruby ..." : Gives X to Fire Resistance.
    • "Greedy ..." : Increases Gold from monsters by X%.
    • "Diamond ..." : Gives X to Arcane Resistance.
    • "Sapphire ..." : Gives X to Cold Resistance.

  • List of Suffixes
    • "... of Brilliance" : Gives X to Willpower.
    • "... of Immolation" : Gives X to Y amount of Fire Damage.
    • "... of Scorching" : Gives X to Y amount of Fire Damage
    • "... of Storms" : Gives X to Y amount of Lightning Damage.
    • "... of Frost" : Gives X to Y amount of Cold Damage.
    • "... of Wrath" : Gives X to Maximum Damage.
    • "... of Accuracy" : Gives X to Dexterity.
    • "... of Dexterity" : Gives 3-4 to Dexterity. (Seen on boots.)
    • "... of Fitness" : Gives X to Vitality.
    • "... of The Bear" : Gives X to Life.
    • "... of Brawn" : Gives 3-4 to Strength. (Seen on armor and gloves.)
    • "... of Haste" : Gives X to Movement Speed.
    • "... of Fortification" : Gives X amount of Armor.
    • "... of Gore" : Increases Damage by X-Y.
    • "... of Spines" : Attacker takes X flat Damage.
    • "... of Devotion" : Gives X to Y amount of Holy Damage.
    • "... of Celerity" : Gives X amount of attack speed.
    • "... of Craftsmanship" : Gives X to Minimum Damage.
    • "... of Blight" : Gives X-Y amount of Poison Damage.
    • "... of Discipline" : Gives X to all Attributes.
Rare Wrist Spade. August 2010.

  • Non-Magical Prefixes
    • "Superior ..."
    • "Inferior ..."
    • "Socketed ..." : Contains a Socket.
    • "Exceptional ..." : Appears to have a random magical affix and is better quality than a standard item.

  • Unknown Categories
    • "Devastating ..." : Unknown.
    • "Locust's ..." : Unknown.
    • "... of Focus" : Unknown.
    • "... of the Horadrim" : Unknown.
    • "... of the Elements" : Unknown.
    • "... of the Titans" : Unknown.
    • "... of Moonlight" : Unknown.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Crafting goods are used for Artisans, to craft items and to train the artisan in their selected craft. These are obtained by Salvaging items, turning them into Raw Materials. It is very similar to World of Warcrafts' Disenchanting sub-profession.

  • Crafting Goods
    • Common Scraps
    • Subtle Essence

Skill Runes[edit | edit source]

  • Skill Runes are items that can be socketed into skills to improve or change them uniquely based on the rune. There are 5 rune types: Crimson, Indigo, Obsidian, Gold, and Alabaster.

Each type of rune affects every skill differently, although there are similarities. Runes have 7 ranks of quality, each rank is visualized by a spike extruding from the rune (lowest rank doesn't have a spike, highest rank has 6 spikes).

Runes have undergone a tortuous evolution, with a whole new system revealed in August, 2010 and fleshed out at Blizzcon in October 2010. See the runestones page for all the updates.

Misc Small Items[edit | edit source]

According to Jay Wilson during his short interview for the 6th Blizzcast episode, elixirs will provide a short-term buff. For more information see a transcript of the blizzcast, or our article on elixirs.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Numerous screenshots and photos of game screens showing item names and stats can be seen in the Image Gallery.

The number of known and seen items will jump to an essentially infinite number once the beta begins. Some of the pre-beta images showing item stats can be seen below.