Griswold's Scribblings

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Griswold's Scribblings is an archived article about material previously included in Diablo 3. However, it has currently been removed or the article contains outdated facts. The information is stored in Diablo Wiki for posterity. Please note: Links in this article lead to both updated and archived material.

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    June 2014
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Legendary crafting materials were abruptly removed from the game in patch 2.0.6 in June 2014. This item can no longer drop and existing samples have no remaining utility.

  • The above statement is inaccurate information. Griswold's Scribblings dropped for me today (January 12, 2019)  Hardcore character in Act IV - Playstation 4 

See the Legendary Materials article for a fuller explanation.

Item Used For Drops From
Griswold's Scribblings
Griswold's Perfection

(Crafted Legendary 1H Sword)

  • Legendary Affix: None
  • Inherent Affix:
    • +(981-1199)-(1175-1490) Fire Damage
    • +5 Random Affixes
Bookshelves, lore bags, Cain's backpacks, satchels, podiums, Angiris Archives, etc. (Can be found in thousands of places, but hard to farm intentionally.)

Drop Rate[edit | edit source]

Legendary materials drop more often on higher difficulty levels. Their drop rate was tripled in Patch 2.0.4 shortly after Reaper of Souls' release, making them all much easier to find. The figures are the percent chance the legendary material (or Deaths Breath will be dropped by a valid source. All legendary materials except Adventurer's Journals and Griswold's Scribblings can only be dropped by Unique (purple) bosses of a certain type. See the legendary materials article for full details.

Legendary Material and Deaths Breath drop rates