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The Black Mushroom is a reagent for the Staff of Herding which grants you access to the secret level Whimsyshire.

This item is found in the Cathedral Level 1 in Act I. It doesn't always spawn but if you want to farm for it at the Select Quest menu take A Shattered Crown quest option. This will put you in Tristram. Take the Waypoint to the Cathedral Garden and take the nearby entrance to Leoric's Passage and from there up the stairs to Cathedral Level 1. Simply explore that level, rinse and repeat.

Other Reagents Needed[edit]

Players must assemble the five ingredients and the Staff of Herding plan to enter the level.

Once the Staff is created, it can be upgraded to the Nightmarish Staff of Herding, Hellish Staff of Herding, or Infernal Staff of Herding via Gorell the Quartermaster, an NPC merchant found in the town section of Bastion's Keep.

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