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Paper doll, Jan 2012.

Helms keep your character's ears warm, as well as adding defense and magical modifiers.

They can be found, bought or crafted by the Blacksmith and have item affixes that determine their magical properties. Helms can be of various qualities, including magic, rare, components of item sets, or legendary and can be found with one socket in them.

Helms can be crafted by the Blacksmith Artisan and he can also place one socket in them which you can stick a gem into to add more properties.

They are just one of four types of headgear, the others being Spirit Stones (Monk only), Voodoo Masks (Witch Doctor only) and Wizard Hats (Wizard only). Helms can be worn by any class.

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Helms ListingEdit

The table below details the Helms in the current Beta game files.

<item type="list">Helm</item>