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Fresh Meat!

The Butcher (db) is a Superunique Demon and returns from Diablo I but this time as the final Boss of Act I. He appears in the Chamber of Suffering which is underneath the Halls of Agony which in turn is underneath Leoric's Manor in the Highlands of Khanduras.

The Butcher can also feature in a bounty called Kill the Butcher.

The Butcher Fight[edit | edit source]

He's been upgraded in his downtime since Diablo I, although it is still a fairly straight-forward fight.

The Butcher has x different types of abilities:

  • Melee Attack - Like all bosses, the butcher has a basic melee attack where he grunts and throws his carver to the ground.
  • Smash - This attack is a heavy-damage melee attack where he broadcasts it by hopping up and down a few times. The attack is easy to dodge, and his weapon will be stuck into the ground for a short time.
  • Grappling Hook - The butcher will throw his sickle at the player, and if it connects, the player will be reeled in to him and stunned. He will then hit the player with a heavy melee attack from his axe.
  • Spear - The butcher will throw out many medium-range Ancient Spear-like hooks to damage the player for a modicum of health. The player can be hit by more than one hook.
  • Frenzy Charge - The butcher will rear up, turn bright red, and roar. After, he will charge, but the charge is broadcasted by a line of red fire-like substance along the ground, which is the path he will follow. After he charges, he will be stunned for a short while.
The Butcher's weaponary

In addition, there is a hazard to his boss arena, being the fire grates built into the floor. The grates will activate on occassion, burning brightly, before sending up gusts of flame to damage the hero. There are two health wells on the northern end of the arena on a thirty second cooldown to help alleviate the damage this causes, but as the player advances in difficulty, the time between each fire grate burning is less to the point where, in Inferno, nearly all of the floor is burning at almost all times.

The longer the fight lasts, the faster the floor will light up to damage the hero. The butcher, in inferno, is the first real gear check in the game, where the player will have to balance between dps and defense.

Farming for the Butcher[edit | edit source]


  1. From the Quest Selection screen take quest No. 9. The Imprisoned Angel > Chamber of Suffering.
  2. Take the waypoint from Tristram to level 2 of the Halls of Agony
  3. Work your way down to level 3.
  4. On level 3 of the Halls of Agony find the Chamber of Suffering.

Special Notes:

  • You can try and make a run for it through level 2 and 3 of the Halls of Agony. If you have some faster movement skills and some skills to slow enemies it's doable and sometimes you can be lucky and come across the exit quickly.
  • When you get to The Cursed Hold there will be no Queen Asylla or the Warden and the gate to level 3 of the Halls of Agony will be lowered and as its position is always the same it's easy to run from entrance to exit without fighting.
  • If you need to repeat to earn the many achievements available from killing the Butcher you will have to start at step 1, there is no half way point to save at and still get the Butcher in the Chamber.

Associated Achievements[edit | edit source]

The Butcher is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).

Name Points Description Banner
<achievement type="single">Don't Stand in the Fire</achievement><achievement type="single">A Brief Butchering</achievement><achievement type="single">Stunning Reversal</achievement><achievement type="single">Butchered!</achievement><achievement type="single">Butchered! (Cooperative)</achievement><achievement type="single">The Hero's New Clothes</achievement><achievement type="single">I'll be Your Wingman</achievement><achievement type="single">Pink'D</achievement><achievement type="single">Untouchable</achievement><achievement type="single">Death From Afar</achievement><achievement type="single">A Cut Above</achievement>

The Butcher's History[edit | edit source]

The Butcher in Deckard Cain's Journal

The Butcher appeared in Diablo as the first quest boss. He was found in a small square room somewhere on level 2 of the dungeon. Even before you open his door, a gruesome selection of bloody corpses can be seen hanging within, and most players make a thorough, wincing inspection of his room after the battle.

Although he wasn't particularly difficult to kill if you were the right character level he has become part of Diablo's popular culture with his "Ahh, fresh meat!" war cry he issues on bursting through the door. Such was his iconic status Blizzard released one special Butcher t-shirt during Blizzcon 2009 and revealed another during a panel at San Diego Comic Con 2011.

In the second t-shirt, the Butcher appeared updated with huge horns and there was an entry in Deckard Cain's Journal with the same design of beast and these were enough to suggest that he will be making a return.

The Butcher has two items associated with him in Diablo III, being the Butcher's Carver (db), and the Butcher's Sickle (db).

He did not appear in Diablo 2 giving him time to rest, recuperate and ready himself for Diablo 3.

Development[edit | edit source]

It's first became apparent, through datamining of Diablo 3 Beta files, that the Butcher was to play a more important role in Diablo 3 as the Act One Boss. Blizzard attempted to obfuscate the Butcher's identity in the game files during the Diablo III beta by assigning him a "code name", being "Withers", which like all of the Diablo III internal code names, was equestrian in nature. A "withers" is an anatomical term for a portion of a horse's shoulder area.

Many fans may wonder how a dead Demon can come back to life to plague the town of Tristram once again, but Diablo and the Skeleton King seem to have no issue doing so.

The return of the Butcher, within the realm of the game world, is a deliberate action by Maghda and her Coven, through the use of her Cultists, to sacrifice the flesh and blood of living beings to resurrect this beast.

The Butcher's goal is to prevent the hero from moving on towards Caldeum with Leah and Tyrael. Maghda acts as an extension of Belial's will, and his will is to control the destiny of Tyrael. Magda is searching for his shattered blade in Act I, and she summons the Butcher to assist her in more physical means.

Beneath Leoric's Manor lies the Halls of Agony, home of the Butcher, where the Coven has been actively taking people they've abducted from New Tristram and Wortham to be sacrificed a gruesome manner.

Gossip option from Myriam the Mystic, titled An Unnatural Beast:

Once the Diablo 3 Beta went public and the files were datamined in earnest the image below was unnearthed. The image shows the portraits that the player earns after killing the four act bosses. The names were not displayed underneath but as the monsters are recognisable they were added for clarity.

In the premier league now - The Butcher - Belial - Azmodan - Diablo

The Butcher Gallery[edit | edit source]