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Wortham is a fishing village in Khanduras close in size to Tristram, located not far away from the infamous village and close to the Festering Woods in Act I.

The villages winding streets of cottages are all ablaze and the few residents still alive rush towards you begging for your help. At the back of the town its chapel is also engulfed in fire but there is access to its cellar from the side.

Things don't look good for Wortham

Areas and Dungeons within Wortham[edit]

Access to Levels[edit]



Common Monsters[edit]

Special Monsters[edit]

Notable NPCs[edit]


Checkpoints are respawn points. Players who die appear back at the last checkpoint they reached. Players can also leave the game and resume at the last checkpoint at a later date. In effect they are a 'save game' feature. The following Checkpoints appear in Wortham

Quest: The Doom in Wortham

  • As soon as you land in Wortham.
  • After killing Urzel Mordreg outside the Wortham Chapel.
  • After returning to Tristram through the Wortham Waypoint.
  • After the cutscene at the end of the quest.

Quest: Trailing the Coven


Waypoints are special plates on the ground that form a network of jump points allowing players to instantly teleport between them. The nearest waypoint for Wortham appears at the back of the Wortham Chapel Cellar.

Lore Entries[edit]

Associated Achievements[edit]

Wortham is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).

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