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The Weeping Hollow is directly north of New Tristram in Act I. Considering it's reasonable size there is very little to see here, no waypoint, events or superuniques. There is only one dungeon that may appear but the area has a good deal of weak monsters to practice your new skills on.

The the north is an abundance of gravestones and destroying 50 of these can you earn you the Grave Buster achievement.

Areas and Dungeons within The Weeping Hollow[edit]

Access to Levels[edit]

Quests in The Weeping Hollow[edit]

Events and Bounties in The Weeping Hollow[edit]

Common Monsters found in The Weeping Hollow[edit]

Special Monsters found in The Weeping Hollow[edit]

The following Superunique monsters can but might not always appear in The Weeping Hollow:


Checkpoints are respawn points. Players who die appear back at the last checkpoint they reached. Players can also leave the game and resume at the last checkpoint at a later date. In effect they are a 'save game' feature. The following Checkpoints appear in The Weeping Hollow

  • Just outside Tristram at the end of the bridge into The Weeping Hollow on the Shattered Crown quest.

Lore Entries Found in The Weeping Hollow[edit]


Quotes said by classes or followers in this zone.

  • Enchantress: "These lands are wild with fear."
  • Scoundrel: "Will our fun never cease?"
  • Templar: "I hear something stirring in the distance."

Associated Achievements[edit]

The Weeping Hollow is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).

Name Points Description Banner

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No Award

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No Award


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