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The Lair of the Witch sits at the very north of Alcarnus and it's where you finally face Maghda to complete the quest City of Blood.

Access to Levels[edit]

Quests in Lair of the Witch[edit]

Common Monsters found in Lair of the Witch[edit]

Special Monsters found in Lair of the Witch[edit]

The only special monster in this area is:


Waypoints are special plates on the ground that form a network of jump points allowing players to instantly teleport between them. The nearest waypoint for Lair of the Witch appears in the Road to Alcarnus.

Associated Achievements[edit]

Lair of the Witch is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).

Name Points Description Banner
Lord of the Flies

Challenges/Act II
10 Kill Maghda without getting hit by her insect attack.
Death from Afar

10 Kill one of the following enemies with a thrown weapon.
No Award
Just Deserts

Campaign/Act II
10 Explore the following areas of the Stinging Winds.
No Award


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