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Khanduras is a country on the Western continent of Sanctuary, long allied with Westmarch.

Location[edit | edit source]

Khanduras in the Western Kingdoms.

Khanduras is squeezed in between the mighty Westmarch in the west, Entsteig in the north and the deadly Anaroch desert in the east.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ancient History[edit | edit source]

A long time after the Horadrim brotherhood had died out, the society of the west grew and prospered. Many Eastern pilgrims settled near Khanduras, which became small self-sufficient kingdoms.

There was a little bickering over holdings of property or routes of trade, but nothing to upset the lasting peace in the western kingdoms. Khanduras' strong ally in Westmarch also helped as the two countries expanded their commerce.

A new religion of the Light from the Far East called Zakarum began spreading in the West through throughout the kingdom of Westmarch and into many of its northern principalities. The new religion implored followers to walk in the Light, and shun the darkness of their souls. As the priests of Zakarum began to preach their believes to the citizens of Khanduras whether they were welcomed or not, tensions rose between Westmarch and Khanduras.

King Leoric[edit | edit source]

The Madness of the Black King.

One of the great eastern lords, Leoric, came to Khanduras and declared himself king in the name of Zakarum. He was deeply religious and with his many Knights and Priests him and his most trusted advisor Archbishop Lazarus used a decrepit Monastery on the outskirts of the town of Tristram as a seat of power, renovating it to match its time-lost glory.

The citizens of Khanduras were not overly happy with suddenly be placed under the rule of a foreign King, but eventually they began to respect the kind and just Leoric as they felt he only sought to guide and protect them against the oppression of Darkness.

Unfortunately, the beast hidden within the Monastery drove King Leoric mad attempting to possess him, and Leoric started an ill-advised war against the country's ally Westmarch as well as mistreated his people.

When the captain of Leoric's armies, Lachdanan, returned in defeat he was forced to kill his king, who upon his death cursed those who had brought his death. Leoric reappeared soon after as the Skeleton King.

Modern Times[edit | edit source]

It's unknown how the ruling body of Khanduras worked after King Leoric's death, but the people have managed to survive after the Diablo incident.

Known Settlements[edit | edit source]

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