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Quest bosses are superuniques (and sometimes act bosses) who must be defeated to finish quests and advance through the game. It can be any significance of a boss, such as the Butcher from Diablo I or Diablo himself. Only one is known so far (King Leoric), but more will be added as they are revealed by the Diablo 3 development team.

Leoric[edit | edit source]

The Skeleton King returns in Diablo III, and he's up to his old skeleton-summoning tricks. He's found sitting on his throne, must be awakened by the use of a quest item, and does not return in a good mood. Leoric wields a gigantic hammer and commands a vast army of the skeletal undead. He is a quest boss and was the final creature to defeat in the BlizzCon 2008 demo build. See The Skeleton King quest article for more details.