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Farnham, "The Drunk" can be found in the Damp Cellar along the Old Tristram Road in Act I. He appears only during the Cursed Event, The Cursed Cellar.

He's a superunique Risen Dead and he spawns with the Orbiter and Jailer affixes. He's not particularly fast though.


History[edit | edit source]

Farnham was a Diablo I NPC, and can be found to the far south of town, next to the last structure in that direction. He sits there and provides nothing but rambling and sometimes panicked gossips, none of which are required for any quests. From his alarming dialogues, Farnham was one of the men who ventured into the labyrinth to find the missing prince. He narrowly escaped death at the hands (cleaver) of The Butcher, and has retreated into the bottom of a jug of ale to try and forget his terror.

There is a skeleton in Diablo II close to his favourite location, and it's likely he died when Tristram was burned to the ground. It could also possibly be some other person's remains, and he could be alive somewhere, however unlikely.

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