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Drury Brown , 'Thief of Bones' is a superunique Brigand who appears on level 1 of the Defiled Crypts in the Cemetery of the Forsaken. He will only appear in the crypt that has 2 floors. As he is involved in the completion of two Achievements (detailed below) it will more than likely be necessary to farm for him.

Drury Brown

He has a mainly melee attack but will also hurl daggers from afar.

He has a possibility of dropping Born's Key a Legendary material required for the Born's Command set.

Farming Drury Brown[edit]


  1. From the Quest Selection take quest 3. Shattered Crown > Northwest Gate.
  2. Take that gate from Tristram, run up through The Weeping Hollow and into the Cemetery of the Forsaken.
  3. Locate the crypt with 2 levels.
  4. Make your way down to the Chancellor's Tomb where you'll get a Checkpoint just as you enter it. This will enable you to farm the crypts by leaving the game, Resuming and re-appearing at this spot.
  5. Go back up to the first level of the crypt. Hunt for Drury.

Special Notes:

Associated Achievements[edit]

Drury Brown is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).

Name Points Description Banner

10 Meet the following ghosts.
No Award
Never Seen that Before

10 Kill one of the following unique enemies.

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