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Fezuul is a Superunique Grotesque that spawns in the Dahlgur Oasis. This monster appears in an area containing a few dried and skeletal remains around a small pond. If you click on one of the bone piles, they all break open, releasing Skeletons from them and other points around the pond. Eventually, Fezzul himself will spawn, saying a few words and finishing with, "Drink and be blessed!".

Killing Fezzul makes Blood Children spawn and drops The Promises of Fezuul al-Kazaar lore book (if not already picked up by that character), which is required for the Judge of Character achievement.

Fezuul, the master of bone (V1.08)
Fezuul and its friendly face (V1.08)


Associated Achievements[edit]

Fezuul is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).


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No Award


The location where Fezuul appears (V1.08)

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