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Lord Dunhyld is the Phantom of Anguish and a Superunique Ghost found in the Defiled Crypt. He forms part of The Matriarch's Bones event and bounty. He appears three times accompanied by a bunch of Skeletons, sometimes even a rare too.

He has a melee attack but also a Soul Siphon skill that chills the player slowing them down.

Lord Dunhyld has a chance of dropping the legendary crafting material the Shard of Entsteig Plate needed to craft the Aughild's Authority Set.

Lord Dunhyld chills and slow is target


Lord Dunhyld is involved in some way with the following Achievements

Name Points Description Banner
The Matriarch's Bones

Campaign/Act I
10 Complete the Matriach's Bones event. No Award
The Matriarch's Bones (Cooperative)

Cooperative/Act I
10 Complete the Matriarch's Bones event in a cooperative game. No Award

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