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[[[Ghostly Orb]]s generate Wraiths.

Objects is one of the four classifications of monsters in Diablo III. All monsters belong to one of the classifications in Diablo III, and certain spells or items are more effective against different types of monsters. This article also contains the lore information about Objects.

The classifications of monsters in Diablo III are:

For a full list of Objects, check out the Objects Category. You can also go to the Diablo 2 Wiki to the find Diablo 2 Objects.

Treasure Chests[edit | edit source]

The game developers also use the term "objects" to refer to treasure chests, barrels, crates, dead bodies, and other clickables. These are objects that players can interact with by clicking them, potentially turning up gold or items. Every map has hundreds of manually-set locations for these sorts of objects to appear. Objects will not appear in all those locations each game, but in some percentage of them. This lets the chests and other clickables vary between games, but doesn't put them into truly random locations, such as where they might be inaccessible, or block a hallway.

This system was described in the Crafting Sanctuary panel at Blizzcon 2010, where the image below was taken from.

Potential treasure "object" locations on a map.