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Clickable is a term that refers chests, crates, barrels, bottles, hollow logs, dead bodies, or any other objects on a level that can be clicked on. Usually these are simply item receptacles which may or may not spit out some gold or items, but some clickables can activate traps, open doors, or trigger other actions or scripted events.

Some clickables are destructibles, but not always. Bookcases and lecterns, for instance, can be clicked but not destroyed.

Traps[edit | edit source]

Clickable bookcase in the Cathedral.

There are numerous traps and destructibles that can fall and damage monsters in Diablo III. These include things like chandeliers that drop from overhead and walls that collapse if a support board is knocked. Early in Diablo III's development these sort of destructibles could fall and injure or stun players, but this danger factor was removed during development.

A Blizzard community manager explained this change in December 2011.[1]

It shows the hero/champion hit a wall down onto a group of zombies and the wall big heavy wall lands on the hero/champion but it doesn't kill or even injure the hero/champion. I think if your under a wall it would hurt just a little.

To touch on this topic, this was actually a concept that we looked into and we did try to play around with it for a while, but unfortunately it did not work out as well as we would have hoped. We have major concerns that allowing debris to damage players will end up as a means for griefers to disrupt or discourage group play. :(

This unfortunately means that we will not be implementing such a system for the foreseeable future.

This proved somewhat controversial, as some fans saw it as yet another in the long series of dumbed down game changes. One popular suggestion was to make destructibles only capable of injuring the player who triggered them, as that would instantly fix the problem of griefing.